The Yamaha builds shown here includes a cruiser and a crotch-rocket.

XS1100LG Midnight Special

Yamaha XS1100LG Midnight Special by Tamiya 1/6 scale. This one is almost all black so bare metal foil has an easy job of making the machined aspects of the wheels really pop. Best to wear cotton gloves when assembling the exhaust to avoid marring from skin oils. Three to five coats of Tamiya clear, sprayed on in light coats to finish, will really make this model stand out. Don't forget to tap or pre-thread all the holes that have screw attachments, prior to painting, so that everything will go together easy on final assembly.


Debuted at the 1983 Tokyo Motor show, this bike was a real crotch rocket that had the braking and handling to match. A revelation for anyone who cut their teeth on a H1 or H2, this 1/12 Tamiya nicely captures the essence of one of the quickest means for losing your drivers’ license at the time.

The Zen of Bruce

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