Norton Manx 500cc Single Cylinder Road Racer

Norton Manx 500cc Single Cylinder Road Racer. Ridden by Geoff Duke, Ray Amm, Reg Armstrong and many other notable racing stars of the time. Instructions are in four languages with this original Protar 1/9 scale. Re-lacing of the wheels with piano wire adds a higher level of realism from the original. A nice touch here was the signature of T. Provini in positive relief on the top of the fuel tank. Rather than sand it flush, I used black to bring it out and then clear-coated it all. One difficult area to deal with on all of the faired bikes are the clear windscreens. What I have found most effective to securing them to the fairing without frosting (cyano-acrylate) or smudges / strings (regular solvent-based plastic glue) is to use white (Elmers, Lepages) glue. Not carpenters glue. It is not as strong a bond as the others but the result is a very clear bond.

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