Website Links.

These are links to sites that I have found helpful and interesting

Modeller's Workshop

Modeller's Workshop

Modeller's Workshop is a site devoted to those who share Rick Shousha's passion for highly accurate miniature model replicas of cars, ships, planes and more.

You can see a couple of examples of Modeller's Workshop display cases by clicking on the links from the home page of my site for the builds of the Norton 1969 750S and the BMW R90S

A few minutes spent browsing this site is a real eye-opener and a great way to find that next build.


Ted's Hobby Shop

Ted's Hobby Shop has been in business for over 60 years A lot of RC stuff and a large wall of plastic models is complimented by arts and crafts supplies.

A great place to find an interesting birthday or Christmas present for either the young or the young-at-heart.

EAJones Scale Models

EAJones Scale Models

This site is a fellow Canadian who has immersed himself in a great variety of build subjects.
Bikes, Cars, Sci-fi, You name it and he's probably done it. Involved with modelling at
many levels, his site offers some great tips and links to boot. Here's a Youtube interview with Evan:


Pere Tarrago Models

Pere Taraggo 1/6 Scale in Metal        

This Youtube video is from 2006 and it is amazing! Superlative skill as a
machinist, metalworker, model-maker, etc., all come together in this treat for the eye.
Modelista artesano de motocicletas a escala 1:6


Protar Models from Willem van Nuenen

Protar Models from Willem van Nuenen

Willem van Nuenen and his friend, Tonny, have dedicated their modelling skills to the preservation and
promotion of the Protar line of models from Italy. You need only scroll down the homepage at his
site to see a delightful selection of 1/9 GP Bikes.

Kim's House Motorcycle Models

Kim's House Master Motorcycle Model Builder

Who cares what language this is in? When it comes to replicating engine fins, lacing a
wheel or capturing the spirit of a long ago model, this fellow is in a league of his own.
The tips and builds are great references and quite inspriational

Coaster's Motorcycle Modelling by Ken Harlen

Coaster's Motorcycle Modelling by Ken Harlen. This fellow Canadian has a great site
for detailed tips on motorcycle models, particularly the 1/12 scale Tamiya line

Moto Mini Modelling by Steve Hooper

To quote the website: "Moto-Mini was started by Steve Hooper in 1992 to find every toy or model
with two wheels and a motor." The main reason for this link being here is to provide a very
comprehensive list of miniature motorcycles by manufacturer.

Just click on the Museum button on this site and then you can browse a vast alphabetic
listing of motorcycle models.

Clarify Technical Services

Clarify Technical Service

This is a site created by my good friend Cliff, and his lovely wife, Karen.
His passion is trouble-shooting and fixing anything with a microchip in it.
A true Maestro in many other areas such as designing and hosting websites.
An invaluable resource for keeping things up and running in this wired world.

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a non profit organization
aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles
and those of historic interest.