Revell (Germany) 1/12 Vincent Black Shadow Series C

This little fellow from Revell (1/12th) took over a month to complete. Even with performing work on individual components (i.e engine, frame, wheels) during the same session, it required a lot of setting of single components (i.e. footrest, shifter, brake lever, kickstart) each evening and waiting overnight for the glue to dry before continuing on. Stay away from C.A. cement as it tends to frost any chrome and do diabolical things to any Tamiya clear or black paint that might be near it while drying. To get the tank (5 pieces) seamless required the use of Tamiya putty and multiple primer coats to highlight where more work was required. The wheels were laced in piano wire which helped add realism but I did not put down the red and black stripes on the rims as I wanted to allow the spokes to stand out. One thing that did help was the use of a box of business cards. I'd shim these to the correct height under such things as the footpegs to get just the right height / angle on the upright model and leave it to dry overnight before proceeding with the exhaust pipe, which would receive the same treatment. These cards (or 4x6 index cards) are really helpful to have around for other uses as well such as additional quick masking in conjunction with Tamiya masking tape. The liberal use of Tamiya tape to cover chrome parts during assembly is highly recommended to avoid marring the finish. Assemble the fender stays to the fenders before attaching to the frame or fork to allow you to better align them. Prefit everything before paint or assembly. You can also create a lens for the ammeter by dabbing several heavy layers of Tamiya clear over the decal until it takes a convex shape resembling a lens. The use of Tamiya Acrylic, X-27 Clear Red - 23ml Bottle ,allows the three section tail lights lens to stand out. The seat texture was created by simply spraying Testors #1260 Dullcote Spray Enamel over the plastic without any preparation. This kit is not for beginners or someone looking for an easy build if you wish to have a nice finished product.

The Zen of Bruce

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