Honda is the manufacturer of which I have built the most models. Here are the Racers on their own page. The Street bikes have a unique link on the website to see more Honda Motorcycles.

CR450R Tamiya 1/12

Honda 1/12 scale CR450R. Additions include gold anodized rims like the Excel item which was done using Tamiya clear orange X-26 over the stock aluminum finish, expansion chamber covered in bands of Bare-Metal chrome foil to simulate a hand-built pipe and .015 wire spokes.

CB750 Racer

Honda CB750 Road Racing 1969 Daytona 200 winner ridden by Dick Mann. 1/6 Scale Tamiya with clear coat over original plastic color. Piano wire spokes replaced the original plastic ones. Just a joy to build, as is the case with most everything in the Tamiya line. Now available from Tamiya as a semi-assembled Premium model with a suggested MSRP of $801 USD$.

6 cylinder 350CC Gran Prix Racer

Honda 6 cylinder 350CC Gran Prix Racer by Protar in 1/9 scale. A stunning example of HP = RPM Squared, Soichiro Honda really provided Gran Prix spectators with an delightful soundtrack while the frame provided its riders with all the excitement they could handle.


Honda NSR500R 1/12 Scale by Tamiya. These are done in the livery for Nicky Kinoshita and Freddie Spencer. Bare Metal foil help enhance the detail of these fine kits.

Protar NSR500R 1/9

Honda NSR500R 1/9 Scale by Protar.

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