Ducati 900 NCR Racer

Ducati 900 NCR Racer. A gearheads’ delight (oops, I mean Bevelhead) , this 1/12 Tamiya captures the hand-built Italian racer very nicely with its gold Campagnola wheels and bright red finish. Anyone wanting to check out some modern day state-of-the-art performance tuning for this brand would be well advised to click on

Here is another Ducati 900 NCR Racer. This one is an interesting little story. I built it back in the early eighties and it was left untouched for about 25 years. It was looking rather sad, the decals were peeled and I was not sure what to do with it. I had read that brake fluid works great on removing everything in the way of an old finish without harming plastic. (Warning: I am not a chemist or safety expert here so you might want to check with someone before doing this as I take no responsibility for what happens if you use some super mix of DOT12 racing marvel fluid) My first thought was "This guy is nuts" but then figured there was nothing to lose. So off with the tires, lines and anything clear or rubber, not caring about the chrome (which will get nuked in this process btw) then drop everything into an old glass coffee jar, put the lid on nice and tight, and let it sit for about a year. Even the glued joints separated nicely!. Much longer than necessary for the soak time but you see the results here. Be very careful, wear eye protection and gloves when washing the parts in dishwashing soap for a final clean and to remove all traces of the brake fluid. Voila, a nice little track bike.

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