This is the production model of the ride that took Hakan Anderson to the 1973 250GP World Championship. The model does come with red number plate decals as well for making that detail historically correct. Maico started the long travel suspension game and altered MX permanently. Yamaha was quick to follow with their own unique approach to long travel rear suspension. Anyone who owned a ‘70s monoshocker will find assembling this kit almost like working on the original. Super detail right down to the real steel springs holding the header pipe and expansion chamber together, this one really shines (IMO) with my piano wire spokes adding the extra level of realism. This is a 1/6 Tamiya and they really know their stuff. One of the keys to making this model very authentic-looking is to use either flat, semi-gloss or gloss black as spelled out in the instructions. The rattle cans are the last word in great finishes but make sure it's in a well-ventilated area and use only Tamiya products for the best result. Regarding the clear coat, you may wish to just brush on Tamiya Clear over the decals and leave the fenders, tank and side panels the natural finish. The original was all plastic anyway (the strapped tanks were alloy) and the parts are a pretty good match straight out of the box. The clear coat brushed over the decals will allow them to stay put for decades without flaking and falling off.

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