Moto Morini 250cc Grand Prix

A small race shop in Bologna was responsible for the creation of the Moto Morini GP bike. Their single cylinder 250cc put out 38bhp at 11000rpm which was good for almost 140mph! This bike nearly unseated the mighty Honda multi-cylinder GP effort ridden by Jim Redman. Tarquinio Provini was one of the riders for this brand that was engineered in part by Dante Lambertini and Ing Biavati. The company actually crafted the bike for Tarquinio accounting for his build and preferences to allow for the best aerodynamics and ease of operation by the rider. The miniature 1/9 scale version by Protar captures well the motor details and very form fitting fairing. There was even a padded recess in the top of the gas tank to allow the rider to "really get down to it" on the straights.

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