Here is the RM250 MXer, RK66 50cc Grand Prix Racer, GSX1100S Katana and the RG500 GP bike.

RM250 250cc MotoCrosserGrand

1/12 Tamiya with custom wheels adding the finishing touch

RK66 50cc Grand Prix Racer

Rotary valve setup that Rotax has since employed brilliantly. This 1/9 Protar copies the 1966 model that Hans Georg Anscheidt rode to world champion finishes three years in a row. 16 hp @ 18,000, water-cooled and 170km per hour.

GSX1100S Katana

Suzuki GSX1100S Katana 1/6 scale by Tamiya. This bike introduced at the 1980 Cologne show contained styling cues that basically did for sport bikes what Maico did for MX rear suspension. It took designs that had remained more or less the same since the end of World War II and brought them forward with no looking back except for nostalgia. The 1/6 scale version of this model is my preference of the two as it produces an incredibly detailed build, albeit harder to display and store due to its size.

RG500cc Virginio Ferrari Mod 169

RG500cc Virginio Ferrari Mod 169 by Protar. A metal frame really helps to add heft and sturdiness to this model. The detail is excellent and it will reward a patient builder with a nice replica of the original.

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