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I have built several 4 wheeled vehicles as well. Here they are.

McCann Equipment Ltd. graphics on an AMT Ford Louisville Truck

Great chance to show an application of Item #125 White Decal Film from the Bare-Metal Foil Co. The subject is an AMT 1/25 scale Louisville Delivery truck in 1/25 scale. Go light on the decal sealer as the film is quite sturdy. Micro Sol Setting Solution for Decals from MicroScale Industries Inc. allowed the decals to conform to the irregular surfaces. Tamiya X22 clear over just the decal was the finishing touch and perhaps not required as the Mirco Sol really attaches the decal solidly to the surface. Last item was Tamiya wax to insure a nice finish.

Beebe & Mulligan Rail Dragster

Revell Beebe & Mulligan Rail Dragster. This 1969 Quarter-miler tripped the lights at 6.43. Imagine yourself trying to do that and you can’t even see where you’re going and you are literally sitting on the differential. YUM! The use of aluminum tubing to replace the drag links is a big improvement as the ones supplied in the kit are wavy and rough. Decals require patience. Make sure to advise everyone at home before beginning that you are not to be disturbed when applying them and use decal softener.

Chaparral 2D Coupe

Chaparral 2D Coupe by Monogram. 440 HP, 1,700lbs and 170mph all from the genius of Jim Hall. If anyone knows where I can find an unbuilt AMT 2E open cockpit version of this racer please let me know. WANT! Remember that beautiful black and white line drawing that took up two pages in Car and Driver that was a Shell advertisement endorsed by Hall? Damn near get misty-eyed thinking about it.

Sauber-Mercedes C9 1989 World Sports

Sauber-Mercedes C9 1989 World Sports–Prototype Championships Racer. Nice detail in the 5 liter 32-valve V8 twin turbo and usual Tamiya quality make this a pleasure to build. Mirrors were painted different colours to allow the individual team cars to be easily identified at speed. Bare-metal foil really helps to detail this model.

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