Here are the street bikes. The Honda racers have their own unique link on my website.


Honda CB750F 1/12 scale by Tamiya. This model takes a huge leap forward in realism if bare metal foil (chrome) is used to accent the wheels and aluminum accents the rotors. Decals are included to allow finishing in either red, black or silver. Very thoughtful for those wanting a miniature replica of their original ride. 1/6 Version in silver is on the right.


Honda CB72 Super Sport 1/8 by Revell. The major gripe here, as with most products by this brand, is the chrome. Be prepared to vacuum up flakes of the stuff as you scrape areas of plated surfaces in preparation for gluing. It detracts from an otherwise appealing build with a precision level not as good as Tamiya but still producing a nice finished product. Wire spoke wheels added for realism. Tamiya masking tape to cover the pipes and tanks sides is recommended to prevent the marring of chrome by skin oil, glue and handling.

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